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Welcome to Umang Foundation

Umang Foundation is a Nonprofit Organization working to help poor people and provide education, health care, etc. We help young people gain skill and financial independence. Our organization is working in Delhi, Jharkhand, and Bihar.

Forum for Law Students

Forum for law students is based on the ideology that you cannot reap benefits if you fail to make use of the opportunities. Similarly, this initiative taken by Umang Foundation aims to make a person aficionado in their interested areas. It will give an opportunity to the students to directly communicate with the legal experts and learn from their experiences. We as law students often do not get such opportunities while studying in a law school and that is when we realise the importance of such happening opportunities. We organize seminars, conferences, competitions, and summer school for the betterment of law community worldwide.

Our Team

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Varsha Gupta

Director (Events), Joint Secretary, Umang Foundation

I am Varsha Gupta, a law student at the School of Law, UPES, Dehradun. I will be serving as the Director (Events) and Joint Secretary at Umang Foundation. I have served as the Vice President (Events) at Network for International Law Students (NILS) and President at NILS Dehradun Chapter. Having organized the Winter School on International Dispute Settlement at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in 2017, I have been quite actively involved in organizing the events. Forum for law students is an initiative taken by our team for developing the necessitated skills required for becoming a well-known and successful lawyer. By organizing the events relentlessly, I have realized the importance of practical knowledge, which cannot be taught in the four corners of a classroom and is much required during the internships and jobs. We strive towards making the students as well as young professionals to excel in their respective fields by giving them the required exposure.

As it always has, this opportunity will be a forum for ambitious students, critical thinking, and their overall development.

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Shreya Bhargava


Umang Foundation

I am Shreya Bhargava, a law student at the School of law, UPES, Dehradun. I will be serving as the Treasurer at Umang Foundation. My foremost responsibility will be to manage the accounts and all the financial matters. Along with that, I will be in direct contact with the participants of our events and help through their queries. We at Umang Foundation, have the objective to serve the participants in a meaningful manner and I will continue to work towards achieving the desired objectives.

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Rajmee Lais

Competition Head

Umang Foundation

I am Rajmee Lais, a law student at SouthEast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. I will be serving as the Competition Head at Umang Foundation. I have attended various events in India including NILS Winter School on International Dispute Settlement, 2017. I was a participant in the International Criminal Law Summer School at Leiden University, Netherlands.

I have been given an esteemed opportunity to hold this post at Umang Foundation. My foremost responsibility will be to organize competitions and manage their operations. I will do justice to my post. I aim towards reaching this organization to an international platform.

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Lahiru Sandeepa

Marketing Head

Umang Foundation

I am Lahiru Sandeepa, Co-Founder and CTO of TeqLabs, a information technology company and also a engineering student from Sri Lanka. As the marketing head I am here to take the message of this summer school on IBC to the community and contribute to the efforts done by Umang Foundation and our partners.

Would you like to participate in the summer school on IBC?

Send us your Curriculum Vitae and Statement of Purpose at varshadirectorevents@outlook.com and CC to umang.foundation@outlook.com